Wednesday, 14 March 2012


4. How did you sue media technologies in the contruction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Monday, 12 March 2012

Evaluation question 3.

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Here I show the feedback I found on Yotube. It shows how many views I've had for my video which are 43 last time I checked. My video is most popular in Europe, mainly the UK.

Bellow, I have a video with some of my class mate's opinion on my video.

I have also attached a screenshot of the feedback i got from Facebook.

Overall, I can say that my video has been quite successful according to the feedback I got. However, there is still some bits I could have done better such as the better shots of the artists(this case Georgie, as she doesn't look her best). I learned that feedback is what people actually think of your video, like the feedback video says about mine, good editing, but could have been better, this is the truth. Another example is the lip sync by Rob, had feed back from both, video and Facebook saying that it was very good. 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and convections of real media products?

Comparing my music video to the original video I could say that the shots I used were not inspired by the one in the original video. However, I have been inspired by other videos. The mosaic shots I used I thought completed the 'atmosphere' and the beat, very energetic and really went quite well with the style of the video, which I think is one of the key factor of real media products. Close ups used in my video are there to show the mood the person is in, and the facial expressions of being excited to be around boys and go out. The establishing shot of Ghouse I think gives an idea of the main location of where all the shots have been done. My video does challenge the original music video for Rain Over Me, but I dont think it is THAT different from other real media products. The effects used in my video(editing) are done tot he beat of the song which in my opinion makes it look more real. One thing that I think would have made it more like a real product would have been stop motion but I didn't think it went with the style of my video.
Analysing every little section of the main shots and ideas of my video I decided to use a 3 by 3 art of the title grid, and I am now going to describe how these shots are similar or different from shots in real media products.
  1. The establishing shot of G-House is similar to shot of showing the location of real products such as when in the video of "hotel room" by Pitbull they show a house at the end. That shot really inspired me to at least have an old building to relate the locations to. I would say this particular shot challenges the original video because it is done at the ebach, and I couldn't add beach shots in it which led me to have one main thing to relate everything to!
  2. The second screen shot is a blue screen which is one of the colours used to alternate very fast to give the effect of if the screen was changing colour with the beat of the music. I got this idea of the music video of We2 found love" by Riahnna. With this I thought I made my video look more like a real product.
  3. The third screen shot is of Rob with mosaique shot. I could have split the screen into more little squares but I didn't think it went as well with the genre and style of my video. I think that is quite a big difference between my video and real media products, but the similarity is that the main idea of the split screen is in both.
  4. This screen shot is a close up of Georgie's face which I used to show the facial expressions of my artists. I thought this was very similar to real videos because they use this effect to show the face of the main artist, although Georgie is not my main artist, I thought it would be helpful to show all the people involved. The effect used can be seen in many different real products of the same or different genre.
  5. High angle of Alvaro's(Pitbull) stuff to get ready for the night that is ahead of them links to the story line and kind of link to my lyrics. I don't think many real products use such a opaque colour wash but again, the main idea is the same as the real products.
  6. Close up of my main artist is the main shot that every single real music video includes at some point in the video. I also did this because Alvaro speaks Spanish and the lip sync would have been easier if the artist could speak the language. This is a very similar feature of my video relating to real products.
  7. In the seventh screen shot I chose to do a shot over shot to show both girls getting ready at the same time for the same boy. I don't see this very often in real videos but I thought it would give my video a new different hint to make the video "special" which I think is the main reason to have different effects.
  8. In this one, I decided to have a high angle of Rob singing which shows various things, such as the face of my other main artist(very common in real products), how easy it is for him to do the lipsync as he was actually singing when I filmed him and it also shows the enviroment I filmed my video in, nothign really exciting around us apart from various trees. This makes you focus on the artist to appreciate the way he is interpreting the song. I thought this was very similar to real products with the difference that msot of the time real musc videos have quite complex backgrounds to kind of distract you.
  9. In the last screen shot I chose there are three of the 5 main artists involved in my video. This links to the story line because if you notice, there are no shots of Rob with any of the girls which I did on purpose because he is meant to be shy, and faithful. Alvaro's part is emant to be the one of a player which I thought I'd show in black a white to make it stand out as it is different from having all the colour washes. Real products normally use the effect of having some scenes in black and white, but normally to make it look less relevant, opposite what my idea was.

Overall I can say my music video is very different from real products out in the market but at the same time, quite similar to them when it came to make decisions. I understand the final effects used in my video don't always link to real product which made the whole thing quite challenging at times.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


After showing the whole class my music video, I got some feedback and advice to make the video better. 
The negatives I got were: 

  1. The lip-sync is slightly off at times
  2. The pinkie\purple bit is too purple and you cant see the images properly.
The positives I got were:
  1. Rob is very good at acting and lip-sync.
  2. Editing is done to beat.

I am going to make the pink bits more clear but I don't think I can really fix the lip-sync now. It means more filming and I now have to focus on my ancillary task.

But I am very thankful to hear the reviews and opinions of my video!

Final advert

In order to advertise our videos, we were to create our own advert with the releasing dates, etc. Attached is my final poster.